Coloured rice in pictures

Hours of fun in 3 easy steps.




1. Pour a generous amount of food colouring into a ziplock bag of uncooked rice.

2.Shake the bag like crazy.



Team Building crafts

art class

When we start term at art class the children don’t know each other. It’s important to the class and for our art work that we feel comfortable and free together. 

So for the very first class of term I do a team building activity.

To get them chatting and enjoying each other’s company I put them into groups.

I find it’s best to pick names at random.

3  kids to each poster.

The idea is to draw yourself and be part of the whole class.

2013-05-02 16.47.15                                                                        PEOPLE POSTER         

                                                                              What we use:

Large sheets of white sturdy card.

Lots of different coloured paper

Colouring pens

Wool, Buttons, Scraps

Scissors and Glue


What we do:

1.Choose a colour

2.Draw yourself. Your whole body, arms legs, clothes, everything.

3.Cut out your person.

4.Draw around your hand and cut out.

5.Glue all the people and hands onto the large card.

6.Add woolly hair,buttons,ribbon.

2013-05-02 16.47.25

The children sit on the floor around the card. This way they are close together and it’s informal and doesn’t feel like school.

They have to interact…where’s the black pen?

Passing paper or glue pots around etc.

Bouncing ideas off each other.

In the beginning they are always quiet and shy but

by the time they are gluing there is endless chatter.

I usually have 3 or 4 classes like this throughout the term.

Other group activities can be found in the archives.




            WE made these rocket launchers in class today.

The kids loved playing with them.

Here’s how we made them:

The materials we used were


*Colouring pens

*A paper clip


*Scissors and glue


First I folded the page in half and drew a rocket in black marker.


Next I coloured it in and cut it out making 2 rocket shapes.


Then I drew and coloured a rocket on the other side.


Now I pasted glue all over the back of one rocket being very careful to leave a space with no glue at the bottom,enough to push the straw through.

When the kids at art class were doing it I drew a little tunnel at the bottom centre of the back of the rocket explaining that you don’t paste the glue in the tunnel.


I stuck the rockets together carefully and put the paper clip on the tip. Next I slid the straw in at the bottom of the rocket.


Now if there are any holes at all in the sides of the rocket this won’t work.

(Some of the younger kids were very generous with the glue so that their rockets had to be blasted with a hair dryer for a minute so that they were dry before adding the straw.)

Now for the fun.


Take a deep breath and

5, 4, 3, 2 1….






These little Santa claus men were so fun to make with the three toddlers.

What we used:


Card cut to size so that i could roll them into tubes

Red paint

Pipe cleaners (white is best)

Black crayon


What we did:


I drew santa’s face.

The boys painted the card.

Cut and paint rectangles for hats.


Curve these into hat shapes (see picture) and tape the edge.

Leave them to dry

or use a hair dryer if anyone is feeling impatient.

Now add pipe cleaner beard and eyebrows.

Draw his belt.