WE made these rocket launchers in class today.

The kids loved playing with them.

Here’s how we made them:

The materials we used were


*Colouring pens

*A paper clip


*Scissors and glue


First I folded the page in half and drew a rocket in black marker.


Next I coloured it in and cut it out making 2 rocket shapes.


Then I drew and coloured a rocket on the other side.


Now I pasted glue all over the back of one rocket being very careful to leave a space with no glue at the bottom,enough to push the straw through.

When the kids at art class were doing it I drew a little tunnel at the bottom centre of the back of the rocket explaining that you don’t paste the glue in the tunnel.


I stuck the rockets together carefully and put the paper clip on the tip. Next I slid the straw in at the bottom of the rocket.


Now if there are any holes at all in the sides of the rocket this won’t work.

(Some of the younger kids were very generous with the glue so that their rockets had to be blasted with a hair dryer for a minute so that they were dry before adding the straw.)

Now for the fun.


Take a deep breath and

5, 4, 3, 2 1….




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