Christmas bauble

I got this idea from

They looked so pretty that I had to try them out.

Here’s how I got on.


What I used

Coloured card

Glue and scissors


2 Beads


What I did

I traced around a cup to make a circle on the card.

Folded the card over several times so that I could cut out lots of circles in one go.

Cut out 8 circles and folded them in half.


Next i glued half of each circle to another like so…


I continued to glue each half to the next circle.


Next i looped the string and slid two beads on.One for the top of the bauble and one for the bottom.

I placed the string in the centre of the circles before I added the final one.


Then I glued the last circle on and it was finished.

A beautiful simple bauble.



3 thoughts on “Christmas bauble

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