Reindeer mammy and baby


Oh I made the cutest reindeer today.I just have to show them off.

First thing this morning one of the boys put in a request for a reindeer.

So real quickly I made one and then of course he had to have a mammy…


 What I used

Coloured card

Scissors and tape


A frozen cranberry


What I did 

First I cut 2 rectangles of card,a big one for the body and

a smaller one for the head.Then I rolled them in to a tube and taped them in place.




Next I poked 4 really small holes in the bottom and carefully twisted the twigs in for legs.

I did the same for antlers.I used pipe cleaners for the baby’s antlers and twigs for the mama.I stuck eyes on the baby but the mama looked so good I thought that I might leave her.

I was wondering what to use for a nose when I remembered the frozen cranberries in the freezer.


 The cranberry was secured with a piece of pipe cleaner poked through the card and then I stuck the nose on top.

I used a leaf for a tail.

They will not last long if they are played with but that’s okay.



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