Advanced snowflake


3D Snowflake

It takes a bit of time and patience but when you get this right it will be beautiful.

I used a Christmas catalogue but you can use white paper for a real snowy effect.


What I used

6 pages from a Christmas catalogue

Scissors and tape

What I did

Fold the bottom left corner of the page over and cut

off the top excess to make a triangle.

*Fold the triangle again.



*Hold the triangle like a backwards L and cutting from the folded part of the triangle,

make 4 diagonal cuts but don’t cut to the end. (See picture)

 Now open up the page to reveal a square.

adv2 this one

adv3 this one

Starting in the centre..Fold the first two small triangles of paper around your finger and tape.

Now turn the page over and take the next two pieces around your finger and tape.

Turn the page over and tape again.

Now one more time and you have your first piece done.

We’ll call it an icicle.


Do this with all six sheets of paper until you have six icicles.

Next tape the tip of each icicle to another icicle.


When you have them secured in the middle tape each icicle to it’s

neighbour half way up where they are touching.


That’s all you do.

It can be a bit tricky when you are getting started but you’ll get the hang of it.

Now hang them from the ceiling.



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