Christmas tree decorations

Christmas characters

The children are working hard at art class.

The library Christmas tree is going up in a few weeks

and it’s our job to fill it with handmade decorations.

We make these little cuties every year and they are always so colourful and unique.


What we used

Coloured foam sheets


Googly eyes

Glue,tape and scissors


A note on preparation

Before class I cut the sheets of foam in four

and then I prepare little bundles for the children.

Three pieces of foam each wrapped with ribbon and a sprinkling of googly eyes.

I give each child a little bundle saying “it’s a lucky dip” and who can argue with that?

This way I avoid colour choices and  “she got…”  type discussions.


What we did

First we drew the shapes of our character on the foam.

Next we cut them out and glued them together making sure

that the drawing was on the back. Like this…


 Next we added googly eyes and cute faces.

Decorated with glitter because the kids can’t

resist the sparkle and then we taped a loop of

ribbon onto the back.

christmas11this christmas step christmas7 christmas6 christmasholly christmas2


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