Ice boats

ice boats

Another ice experiment.

An opportunity to discuss freezing and melting

while experimenting and having fun.

What we used

Fairy cake tray


Pipe cleaners

What we did

First we filled the tray with water.

Then I cut the pipe cleaners in quarters.

We bent the tips so that they would stand up

and then we put them in the water.

Next we left the tray in the freezer overnight.


Next day we took the tray to the park and pulled

out the little round ice boats at the water fountain.

We watched them float, getting smaller and smaller

as they slowly disappeared.



You could use little twigs instead of pipe cleaners

if you were going to float them down a river or in a pond.

I had to fish all of the pipe cleaners out of the fountain after

they melted so i will use sticks next time.


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