Beaded snowflakes


More snowflakes this cold November evening.

This post begins with the simple snowflake suitable for a

large group or for making with small children.

Then the advanced snowflake is for older children.

What I used

3 small pipe cleaners

Metallic beads



What I did

First cross the pipe cleaners on top of each other to make a star shape.

Twist one of the pipe cleaners around the middle to hold them together.

Slide the beads on.


When you have 6 beads on each point

cut the excess off and bend the tip over to hold the beads on.


Now you could stop there.

If you are doing this craft with younger children you have to stop there.

They look pretty.

Advanced beaded snowflake

Cut 3 pipe cleaners in half and put 3 beads on each half (see pic).

Twist the ends of each piece between the 2nd and 3rd beads

of your snowflake.


I’ve hung these¬†between the fairy lights and they look really beautiful.



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