Ice experiment


This experiment is to show the effects of salt on ice and it was

really interesting to see and hear how the salt speeds up the melting process.

All it takes is 3 ingredients.

What we used



Food colour


What we did

First we filled various different sized containers with water.

We used dishes, bowls and lunch boxes for a variety of ice shapes.

The bigger the better.

Then i squished them into the freezer overnight.

Next day

I poured a little hot water over the containers to loosen the ice

and then popped the ice out into glass dishes so that there wouldn’t be puddles everywhere.



Now for the fun

The boys poured generous amounts of table salt over the ice.

They were amazed at the instant sound effects.

Next we dropped colours into the crevices to highlight the erosion.




ice and salt

When the ice melted we were left with beautiful dishes of coloured water to play with.



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