I love this time of year. The air is crisp and fresh.It’s cold and we hope for snow.

So to encourage Mother Nature i think it’s time to make some beautiful simple snowflakes.



What we used

White paper

Coloured tissue paper

Glitter glue




What we did

First we traced circles on the tissue paper.

Using pencil we drew very lightly as the tissue paper is fragile.

Then we cut out the circles and folded them over several times

to make a cone shape.

Next we made little snips and cuts around the edges and snipped the point off to make a hole in the centre.

Then we opened them up to reveal pretty delicate snowflakes.



Then it was time for the fun…glitter glue and sequins decorating.

1505012_10204329642577220_4370515784942191499_n 1385985_10204329653817501_179185186078949399_n

They look lovely hanging from thread or stuck to the window for a real Winter feel.

snow flakes


One thought on “Snowflakes

  1. Last Christmas Sinead made these for my kids and left them folded up on the table with a pair of scissors nearby – when the kids came home from school they were delighted, tucked right into the activity, made their own when hers ran out and made enough to fill our windows! It was such fun – Magical!


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