Invitation to craft


Sometimes i set up invitation stations for a rainy day.

Keeping it simple is key.Here are a few of my toddler invitation stations.

1. A stick of glue,scissors and some cut up patterned paper.

invitation to craft185666_1002563060384_1195_n

2.Coloured water (add a drop of food colour), a sponge and some cars.

With a towel underneath of course!


3. Stampers and stickers.How could any curious toddler resist?



4.One of my all time favourite crafts for toddlers is playdough.

Set up a blob of playdough,some pots and a sprinkling of flour.


Have a go at your own and let me know what ideas you have.



2 thoughts on “Invitation to craft

  1. Love the toddler section! I’ll keep checking back for more more more because we are always at a loss especially around dinner-making time! Thanks for the great ideas SineadLemonade!!!
    Charli x


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