Google eyed monsters

I did this craft with the art class and then i did it with the toddlers.

Easy and fun,the big kids added woolly hair and extras like a tongue

and one monster even has a speech bubble.

The toddlers just had fun with the googly eyes stickers.


What we used

Black card

Red paper

Googly eye stickers


Pipe cleaners

Scissors,glue and tape

halloween toddler

What we did

First we rolled the card into a tube and taped along the side.

googly monsters

Next we stuck on eyes, cut a mouth from the red paper

and taped on some this…


Then we stuck a pipe cleaner through the side to pop

out on the other side for arms. This was a bit tricky and

lots of the children needed help especially when it came to

getting the pipe cleaner to pierce through the other side.


Okay that’s how we made them. Your turn.


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